Identification Process


  1. To assure that individual students who are experiencing difficulties in school are properly identified, provided appropriate educational interventions, and specific action plans within the general educational setting prior to referral to a formal multidisciplinary team for the determination of the need for special education.
  2. To provide a consistent and thorough vehicle by which to review existing student records, accumulated information, and consider additional screening that may be needed to determine appropriate direction(s) that allow for students to be successful in the general education program.
  3. To develop appropriate documentation of general education program efforts in order to facilitate a more accurate and complete multidisciplinary evaluation process, if necessary. 


  1. A teacher or parent refers the student to the principal, or students may refer themselves.
  2. The Data Team/RtII Team, which may include the school counselor, school psychologist, principal, teacher, interventionists, and parents, reviews student information.
  3. The team formulates instructional plans which includes goals, activities, and timelines.
  4. The team monitors the plan for a reasonable time period depending on the area of educational need. The team monitors and adjusts as needed to permit the student to be successful related to the established goals. Progress is quantified and reviewed.
  5. The team reviews quantified results and decides how to proceed:
  • Can the intervention or instructional plan continue?
  • Does the intervention or goal need modification to work?
  • Does a new goal need to be established?
  • Does additional educational information need to be gathered through a multidisciplinary evaluation?