Eligibility Procedure
All athletes must submit a current PIAA physical form and meet proper age, academic, and residency requirements in order to compete. Cocalico requires athletes and parents to sign and agree to the Student-Athlete/Parent Handbook annually prior to participation in their athletic season.. (1 per year)


What is different about the physical procedure?
PIAA has mandated the use of the 6 Section Comprehensive Initial Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation (CIPPE) as the only acceptable physical form for all sports. These forms must be completed by the athlete's physician. The school district will offer sports physicals annually over the summer, please refer to the Athletic home page for this  information.

When can a physical be given for sports?
Sports physicals must be done AFTER May 1st and are effective for all sports seasons within the same school year until May 31 st.

Where do I get these new forms?
Students/Parents may find these forms on the Cocalico Athletic Webpage.  Forms can also be downloaded from the PIAA website www.piaa.org Look under the Resource tab for forms at this site.

What happens if an athlete plays more than one sport?
After the initial (CIPPE) form is completed a separate Section 7 form is to be completed by the parent prior to the start of the next sport season. This from can be found on the Cocalico Athletic Webpage. This process must be repeated for a third sport season of the same school year. If an injury occurs between seasons a Section 8 and/or a doctor's release  note must be returned.

What if an athlete gets hurt during a season?
If an athlete is injured during a sport season and is seen by a physician a note is needed releasing him/her back to participation. If the injury occurs late in the season & the athlete does not return to participate in that sport then a Section 8 Re- Evaluation form and/or a release note must be done by his/her physician to be eligible for the next season.