Communication at the Elementary Level

Photo of Communication Icon

Communication is the competency that is the focus throughout the district for the 2018-19 school year.  Below are just some of the ways communication skills are being taught to elementary students throughout the district.

Book Buddies

Students in the higher elementary grades spend quality time reading to the younger students. It is a definite display of articulation and listening.

Heroes Fair

After conducting extensive research, students present information on a chosen "hero" in an environment with a diverse audience of students, teachers, and parents.

5th Grade Oratory Invitational

At the elementary level, oratory is offered as an after-school club for 5th grade students. Students are introduced to the nine elements of effective public speaking called podium points. Students have the option to compete to earn a spot in the Cocalico Oratory Invitational by either reciting previously written speeches or by presenting an original speech.

Two boys reading a book together

Photo of student presenting information to another student