Food Services

School meals are the healthiest, safest, and most economical way to feed your children. Our highly trained, dedicated staff here at Cocalico will continue to provide the best and freshest foods for our students. We don't serve "school lunches," we serve "lunch at school!"


Each year in the United States there are an estimated 6 million to 33 million cases of food borne illness that result in an estimated 9,000 deaths. About 95% of all food borne illness is caused by mishandling of food. Many food handling practices that cause illness are related to poor temperature control or poor sanitation. On December 12, 1994, Act 131 was enacted in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Chapter 65 of Act 131 is the Food Employee 2001, provides for the food safety training and certification of designated supervisory employees of food establishments in the Commonwealth. The statute applies to the establishments licensed or registered under the jurisdiction of the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. Certification is based on the successful completion of a Department-approved, industry-specific program and examination. Certification will be effective for five years, thereafter, re-certification is required through continuing education.

Cocalico Food Services is pleased to announce the ServSafe certification of all Cafeteria Managers as well as twenty other food servers in the School District. This nationally recognized certification demonstrates to the public and the staff our commitment to providing safe food. Safe food handling practices not only protect the students, but also help reduce liabiltiy, promote good will, and enhance our commitment to serve safe food. Developed by the National Restaurant Association Education Foundation, the ServSafe food safety program is accepted by more federal, state, and local jurisdictions than any other food safety program.

We proudly recognize:

District - Christopher Dunn, Tammy Harting
High School - Jodi Fultz, Anjoli Martorelli, Amy Rutter, Jodie Wenger
Middle School - Anita Fox, Tammy J. Harting, Debbie Ray, Diane Wolf, Sandra Yacovelli
Adamstown - Julie Hackenberg, Tammy Moran, Glenda Smith, Sue Wentzel
Denver - Wendy Leisey, Samantha Maier, Sherilyn Weidman
Reamstown - Terri Barbera, Kim Lewis, Deb Raysor, Kim Wiley, Shirley Zimmerman