Comprehensive Plan

The 2021-2024 Cocalico School District Comprehensive Plan was presented to the School Board of Directors on Monday, November 23, 2020. After a 28-day public review period, the plan was officially approved by the School Board on Monday, December 21, 2020. The plan then received approval by the Pennsylvania Department of Education on January 12, 2021..

The 2021-2024 Comprehensive Plan was developed by committees of administrators, teachers, students, board members, and business/community members. Through a series of district-level and building-level meetings, the following three (3) priority areas were established:

  1. At each level, we will train our staff on research-based strategies to address mental health and social-emotional needs of our students, structures to build a positive culture and community, and ways to increase community, state, and local involvement by our students as they become positive citizens in an ever-changing world.
  2. The district will research instructional materials, methods, and strategies to address deficits in the area of math.
  3. We will navigate through the challenges presented by COVID-19 and address each new issue as we work through educating our students, address gaps in instruction, and ensure equity among all of our subgroups.