What is Mission iNSPIRE?  Mission iNSPIRE is an initiative of the Cocalico School District located in Denver, Pennsylvania. The program, started in 2015-2016, is designed to bring to life our plan for education in the 21st century. 

Who can I contact if I have questions about Mission iNSPIRE? Feel free to contact your building principals or the Director of Technology: Bradley Kafferlin.

Will students be able to take laptops home with them? Students in grades 6-12 will have the opportunity to bring their laptops home. However, student must have consent from a parent/guardian to do this.

Will student have to purchase a laptop case? Laptop cases have been provided to every student. If the case is damaged or parts are not returned when collected, students will be obligated to cover these costs. Normal wear and tear, as determined by school administration, is acceptable.

Will students be able to use their laptop computers on the school bus? When traveling from school to home and visa versa, student laptops should remain in the laptop cases provided to them. This will help ensure the safety of the student and the device.

Will Cocalico School District provide maintenance on the laptop computers? The Cocalico School District will provide maintenance for all Cocalico devices.

What about students who already have a laptop at home? Students who have computer access at home are able to use these devices instead of bringing home their school laptop. *Note: some files may not open properly based on the home computer's operating system or versions of the applications.

What happens if a laptop computer is lost or stolen? If a student computer is lost or stolen, a completed police report must be submitted to the Cocalico School District in order to borrow a loaner computer from the technology department. The cost of the laptop, charger and case is approximately $800. School administration will determine the replacement amount that the household is responsible for to close the matter.

What is the procedure if a laptop computer needs repair? If a student laptop is in need of repair, the student should take the device to the Library Media Center. The device will then be given to the technology department to complete the necessary repairs. The building principal or assistant will also be informed as needed.

What will students do without a laptop computer if their laptop computer is being repaired? If a student's laptop is out for repair, the student will be required to sign-out a temporary computer from the Technology Department through the Library Media Center. When their computer returns from repairs, the student will be reissued their original device.

If the power cord/charger is damaged, lost or stolen, how much will it cost to replace? The cost of a replacement charging block is $79.

What will students do with their laptop computer during Physical Education classes and after-school activities? Students are responsible for the laptops assigned to them. During P.E classes, they will be stored in the lockers or a place designated by the teacher. For after-school activities, the adviser or coach will recommend placement of the laptop and make sure any lockable areas remain secure. It is advised that a student maintains a functional lock to apply to a 'public' locker room if they participate in school athletic programs.

What are the consequences for inappropriate use? Consequences will vary based on the situation, but Cocalico School District believes that we need to educate then adjust the ability to use resources. This may include restricting use to in-school only.

Will the laptop computers come with Microsoft Office software? All student laptops have Microsoft Office software installed on them. Many students and teachers also use GoogleApps.

Will students be permitted to install software on the laptop computer? Students are not permitted to install additional software on their laptop computer. If the purpose of application is for educational use, this can be discussed with building administration and the Technology Department.

Will students be able to use the laptop computers for Internet access at home? Students will have access to the Internet by connecting through your home Internet. If you do not subscribe to an Internet provider at home, students will not have this opportunity.

How do the laptops connect to the network? The laptops have WiFi connectivity built within them. There is no Ethernet port on the laptops.

Do the laptops have an internet filter? Yes. The filter used at school is configured on the student's laptop. Sexual content, YouTube, social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.) is also restricted from use by students on district provided devices.

What if students do not have internet access at home? If households do not subscribe to an Internet provider, places like public libraries, Starbucks, and McDonalds generally offer free wireless Internet. In many cases, they may be able to download the assignment prior and submit when access to the Internet is available at school.

Will there be training for students? Students have and will continue to receive training on Digital Citizenship and technical use of their computers.

How will students save work they create on their laptop computer? Each student will save their work to their documents folder. This folder will contain subfolders for each of their classes. Students will also back-up this folder, while in school, to ensure that important files will not be lost if the computer is damaged, lost, or stolen. Work completed using GoogleApps is cloud based and not necessarily located on the laptop.

Will students be provided with an email address? Not at this time, although we are prepared to provide email addresses to students when teachers and administration decide it is appropriate and necessary.

Can students use an iPod, iPhone, iPad and/or digital camera with the laptop computer? Yes, but support will not be guaranteed. Also, any functional issues or inappropriate materials will be the responsibility of the student.

Are students permitted to load music and photos on the laptop computer? The purpose of the laptop is for educational use. We encourage personal music and photos to remain off of school issued technology.

Can a student use their own accessories with the laptop computer? Students can bring in their own personal USB drives and headphones. Use will be at the discretion of the teacher and administration.

Do students need to have a printer at home? Students do not need to have a printer at home. Printing is centralized at school. There is one printer at school that students may use.

Can students use the laptop computer over the summer? Each student will return their laptop at the end of each school year. We will review this decision as the initiative matures.

Will all teachers be expected to use the laptop computers with students? The use of these devices is at the discretion of the teacher and administration. Instructional staff has and will continue to receive training on various ways of incorporating these devices in their classrooms.

Will a student have the same laptop computer while they are in Middle School/High School? Students will receive a new machine in 5th and 9th grades. (A four-year term.) Some will be re-purposed within the school district.