Options for Learning

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Cocalico School District is committed to providing options for students with a full range of courses. Some of these courses will now be available in an online format. The courses are aligned with Common Core, PA State Standards and the Cocalico School District curriculum. Students can participate in Cocalico's online learning program, Cocalico Connections, in a variety of ways. Some of the options for participation are listed below.

Option 1: Full-time online learning at an off-site location
(Available in High School, Middle School and Elementary)

With this option, students can work on their online courses at home. A Cocalico teacher will provide them with support throughout each course. Questions from students can be sent electronically to their teacher, and the teacher will respond within 24 hours. Students can also meet with their teacher face to face during scheduled office hours. The online coordinator (along with the teacher of record—depending on the issue) will initiate contact if students' attendance, rate of progress, or academic performance indicates there is a need for intervention. This option is a good match for students who are best suited to studying and learning in a non-traditional setting. The connection to a Cocalico teacher will give them support and access to other school resources that would not typically be available through other off-site programs of study.

Option 2: Individual online courses at an off-site location
(Available in High School and Middle School)

After consultation with a school counselor and approval by a school administrator, students who are enrolled in several online courses may come to school for one or two traditional courses and then work at home for their remaining courses. For the courses that are taken online, support will be provided in the same manner that is described for full-time online students. The combination of traditional and online courses may meet the needs of students who wish to work on most of their courses at home but prefer to take certain hands-on courses such as art, courses with labs, or physical education in a traditional setting. Other students who study at home may find that taking their most challenging courses at school is more helpful than working through the courses at home. In some instances, students may also experience health issues that make it difficult for them to be in a school setting for a full day. Building into their schedule an online course or two can make it possible for them to complete a full schedule of courses—some at home and some at school. Transportation needs that match with our regular busing schedule will be accommodated. When students are arriving or departing at times that do not match the busing schedule, they will be responsible for their own transportation.

Option 3: Individual online courses at school
(Available in High School Only)

Students who have participated in the traditional program may experience occasional circumstances that require them to take online courses to meet their career goals or educational needs. After consultation with a counselor and approval by a school administrator, individual courses can be taken online for credit recovery, or to avoid scheduling conflicts. Students who are in this category remain at school for the duration of the school day. They work on their online course in the online learning lab. An on-site teacher is available to provide immediate assistance. Students who enjoy learning through an online venue but require support and accountability would be suited to this type of educational programming.

Option 4: Full-time online learning at school
(Available in High School Only)

After consulting with a school counselor and obtaining approval from a school administrator, at-risk students may have the opportunity to work through all their courses in the online learning lab. This will give them a great deal of flexibility with the pacing of their learning; thus, providing them with an incentive to stay on task and master their course content. At-risk students who have struggled with motivation, attention, and class participation often find this solution to be especially helpful. An online learning teacher is available to provide immediate support and assistance as needed. Progress will be monitored carefully, and students will be held accountable to stay on track for meeting their goals related to graduation.

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