Career Development

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Ms. Michelle Shirey
Career Counseling & Enrichment Coordinator

Career development is a continual process that begins the moment a child can recognize and identify roles in society by using statements such as, “My mother works at the bank” or “My kindergarten teacher likes helping me learn.” This process continues through three stages of awareness, exploration, and planning. When teachers, parents, and students work together through these stages, students can become self-experts and successfully find their fit in the real world.

What can parents/guardians do to support the Career Development Process?

Elementary School Parents can increase Career Awareness:

  1. Participate in "Take Your Child to Work Day" - April 23, 2020.
  2. Try new activities and point out the professional and career opportunities in these fields.
  3. Encourage and support healthy decision-making by offering options and allowing your child to choose. For example:
    • How do you want to spend your 30 minutes of screen time?
      • Computer
      • TV
      • iPad
    • What do you want to do for physical activity?
      • Ride a bike
      • Go for a walk
      • Play at the park

Middle School Parents can support Career Exploration

  1. Get Real - Talk to your child about your likes and dislikes about your career. Encourage career discussions with extended family at holiday gatherings.
  2. Log-in - Career Cruising highlights a new career each week. Discuss pros and cons to each career field and how it relates to your child's favorite school subjects or interests. - Username: cms; Password: denver
  3. Explore - Encourage part-time jobs/chores around the house or neighborhood. Employability skills start close to home.

High School Parents can support Career Planning:

  1. Get Informed - Attend college/career fairs and financial aid nights. Ask your high school student about his/her progress in Naviance, the college and career readiness on-line resource.
  2. Research - It's not too soon to being looking at scholarship opportunities, even for ninth graders. Many offerings require community service or new initiatives created while your student is still in high school. Click on "Scholarship Search" in the left sidebar or check out local scholarships available on the CHS Counseling Department website.
  3. Identify - Encourage options for post-secondary education or work and take the first steps to supporting your child as he/she completes applications or resumes.
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