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Advancements in science and the technology they spawn have produced a rapidly changing world. Students must be well prepared in science as it applies to their life experiences and future vocations. The major goal of the Science Department is to help students understand and master the concepts that form the foundations of science. The Science Department offers 14 different courses to serve the multiple pathways which students can follow in their high school experience. Each course challenges students with a variety of learning techniques.

Classroom instruction includes lecture/discussion, lab investigations, learning stations, demonstrations, and cooperative learning, all directed toward problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. Modern and well-equipped lab and classroom facilities compliment a curriculum, which encourages a well-rounded student who will graduate with a background rooted in the chemical, physical, biological, and earth sciences. Use of technology is enhanced in the department with four dedicated portable computer labs with wireless web capability, sensing software and hardware, and a wide variety of CD-ROM, DVD, and video resources. Four of the classrooms are also permanently outfitted with PolyVision boards and ceiling mounted projectors. The remainder of our classrooms all have projectors on a permanent basis that connect to a teacher computer.

We have worked diligently to assure that our classes are aligned to state standards, which has created a more complete, consistent and seamless science experience as students progress through their high school years at Cocalico. The Science Department staff is dedicated to the concept that science education plays a pivotal role in developing mature, clear-thinking, young adults.






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